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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2012, 7:41 AM

Please read and see if you can find the answers to your questions before asking me :)


What programs do you use for drawing/pixels?
→ Paint tool SAI for normal drawings; Photoshop Elements (sometimes MSpaint and other programs) for pixels.

What tablet do you use?
→ Bamboo Fun (A4 size)

Do you do commissions?
→Yes I do - you can find information on my profile page. (:

Do you take point commissions?
→ Technically, no - I only take paypal commissions.
Please don't ask me multiple times... asking me numerous times won't change my answer (it will just annoy me.)
If you want to know why I don't take P.Coms, see here:

Can you reserve me a spot for your commission? / Can you add me to your waiting list?
→ Sorry but I don't have any waiting list nor reserve a slot. I prefer to keep it fair.

Could you draw for my video?
→ Sorry, no.

Do you take requests?
→ Nope.

Can we do an art trade?
→ I only do ATs with close friends, unless I ask first.

→ Friends only.

Can you do a tutorial in ***** style?
→ Technically, I don't do tutorials because I fail at words and explaining - which is why I do LS so that if anyone is interested, they can see how I do. However, asking me to draw in someone else's style makes no sense to me - it's rude, and if you're looking for certain style tutorials, google it.

Can I draw your OCs?
→ You're more than welcome to! I really do enjoy seeing them given life by other people XD
However, if you're expecting something in return... I rather have you not ;_;

Can I make a base out of your work?
→ No.

What does your username "hitogata" mean?
→ I took it from my original story's title that i'm writing lol
It's Japanese, which is written "人形", which is another way of saying "ningyou" = meaning "doll" or "human form".

Can I have your MSN/Skype/Facebook?
→ For MSN/Skype, only if you're a close friend. And never to the FB - they're for RL friends only.

Can you give me your CSS codes on the profile?
→ All useful references can be found on CypherVisor's page. If you search in dA search bars (or even google), you will find it pretty easily. I may help you (if you REALLY have troubles) only by linking to the tutorials that might help you, but I will not copy and paste out the codes on my page and give them to you... I suck at CSS yet I spent hours trying to figure them out on my own, you know - I expect you to do the same.

Can I make a base out from your icons?
→ No. Never.
I understand some people's argument that "It's just an icon" or "there are many pixel icon makers who don't mind" but honestly, I don't like it to be traced. Deal with it plz.

Is Usagi-chan to Ookami-san a web-book?
→ Not really, no.
It used to be a crack!fanfic though. But i'm planning to turn it into some sort of original web-comic some day!

What does "[Insert a term]" mean??
→ Um... With all due respect, I'd like to remind you that i'm not your mama or your portable dictionary. GOOGLE it. It only takes you less than a second to achieve thousands of answer.

I like your works! I want you to join my personal project!
→ Thanks, but no thanks.
I'm happy to hear that you like my works and that you're inviting me to do some sort of collab with you, but i'm really not interested... Simply because I want to work on my own art, and I prefer to work with someone I know instead of complete stranger. If you really want something, you can commission me when they're opened :)

Why didn't you reply to my comment/reply?
→ There can be 3 possibilities:
1. The comment/reply is buried under the megapile in my message box... so I lost it. orz
2. I didn't get the chance to read your comment yet, and/or haven't got the time to reply.
3. It's a one-word or short-statement comment (ex. "cool" "cute" "looks great"), so I concluded that it doesn't need to be replied. (I don't mean any offence)
If it's an urgent matter, please note me... my apologies for the inconvenience.


Feel free to ask Qs if they're not listed :)

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How do you make your color palette for pixel arts? D:
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